About Semantic Authoring

About Semantic Authoring

Semantic Authoring provides a higher quality output for content creators, by providing leading edge technology and support as well as a methodology for longterm content creation success.

The web and technology have evolved over the last 20 years, and we are excited to be a part of its rich past as well as look forward to a bright future.

Semantic Authoring Timeline

the best way to know about a company is to look at their past records of success, failures and the company they keep. We are very excited to of worked with some of the top minds on the globe, as well as creators to shape the web.





Semantic Authoring and the "wild west" of the internet

Our past has had many trials as well as success, but we are a better organization for it, but looking toward the future of Semantic Authoring our goal is to make a profound impact on the authoring world. If you create amazing content, we want to share that with the world and ensure you get th full credit and attention you deserve as a creator. This is why we have introduced Semantic Authoring Leveraged Trust "SALT"


SALT is our way of showcasing the talent of industry leading content creators including industries like:


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