SALT Full Rhetorical Ontology



	N - nucleus
	S - satellite
	W - writer
	R - reader
		N and S are in contrast because of the incompatibility that arises from the contrast, one cannot have positive regard for both of those situations; comprehending S and the incompatibility between the situations increases R's positive regard for N
		S sets a framework in the subject matter within which R is intended to interpret N
		W acknowledges a potential or apparent incompatibility between N and S; recognizing the compatibility between N and S increases R's positive regard for N
		S presents a method or instrument which tends to make realization of N more likely
		S precedes N in the text; S tends to make R more ready, interested or oriented for reading N
		on N + S: S restates N, where S and N are of comparable bulk; N is more central to W's purposes than S is.








By Jeff